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Countries with the highest online gambling revenue in the world

Online gambling activities are becoming increasingly widespread, along with increasing Internet penetration and the development of digital gambling platforms or applications in many countries. So where is the largest online gambling market in the world?

According to H2 Gambling Capital data published by Visual Capitalist, global online gambling gross revenue is estimated to reach $102 billion in 2021, or the equivalent of IDR 1,563.35 trillion (exchange rate IDR 15,327/US$).

England is considered the largest online gambling market in the world. The gross revenue from online gambling in the country is estimated at $12.48 billion. Then there is the United States (US), with estimated gross revenues of $10.96 billion. “At the top of the rankings, the UK overtakes the US as the world’s largest online gambling market,” Visual Capitalist said on its website.

In third place is Australia with an estimated gross online gambling income of $6.55 billion in 2021. This amount is half of the gross online gambling income in the United Kingdom. European countries dominate the world’s leading online gambling markets, including Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Greece.

There are now no countries from Asia, South America or Africa included in the top 10 list. Likewise, Indonesia is not included in this list. Below are details of the top 10 countries with the highest total gross online gambling revenue in the world in 2021:

  • Great Britain: $12.48 billion
  • United States: $10.96 billion
  • Australia: $6.55 billion
  • Italy: $4.51 billion
  • France: $3.83 billion
  • Germany: $3.65 billion
  • Canada: $2.55 billion
  • Sweden: $2.10 billion
  • Spain: $1.60 billion
  • Greece: $1.3 billion

With income data from multiple countries offering online gambling worldwide. Of course, we all know how drawn people around the world are to online betting. With such a high income, the country’s economy is of course considered to be very stable.

Therefore, we summarize that the practice of online gambling is considered very promising for any country. From this we can conclude that the practice of gambling is not always negative. Because from this data we can see that the money in circulation is very large. In fact, we have never heard of these countries experiencing a financial crisis like what happens in countries that do not engage in gambling at all.

Review of online gambling

Many people believe that online gambling should be avoided. Both individually and in groups. Considering this, large losses may occur. However, quite a few people believe that online gambling can also be used as a way to make money.

This is still very difficult to explain in reality. Considering that most people who have talent can demonstrate it through online gambling. These talented people can easily earn an income. However, we cannot use this as a benchmark to support everyone in gambling.

For this reason, we would like to remind readers not to get too involved in gambling. Because if you don’t have the talent to master the game. It is therefore not impossible that you will suffer material and moral losses. So if you really like playing online gambling. We also do not prohibit you from expressing your wishes. However, we recommend that you control your desires and master your game logic. So you can see that online gambling is just entertainment that you don’t have to do forever.

Countries with the highest online gambling revenue in the world
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