10 Things You Won’t Know Unless You’ve Lived in Wales

Lifestyle / Friday, February 2nd, 2018

A little friendly advice for anybody who finds the Welsh, “well, a bit hard to understand…”

  1. This is a cwtch.

    A cwtch is a great, big cuddle
  2. Chopsy has nothing to do with meat.

    Chopsy is talkative, or argumentative
  3. “The Valleys” is not a nickname for Wales.

    See where The Valleys are?
  4. The World Bog-Snorkelling Championship is a serious global sporting event

    Note the Australian flag
  5. “Yur” can mean ear, year, or here.

    Got big yurs over by yur, this yur
  6. When somebody begins a statement with “What it is…” you know this is going to take some time.

    “Mm-mmm…really…gosh, that’s interesting…mm-mmm…yup…got it…fabulous…”
  7. “Tidy, butt” is not the same thing as a tidy butt.

    This is what an American calls a tidy butt. But see here for the Welsh meaning of “tidy” and “butt”
  8. W is a vowel.  So is Y.

    What do you mean, it’s got no vowels? There’s four of them!
  9. A dwt is a small child

    “Aw, lovely dwt!”
  10. “Buzzing” is not the sound bees make.

    “Ach-y-fi! Buzzing, that is!”


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