10 Quotes About Wales by Famous People

Lifestyle / Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
  1. “Do you seriously expect me to be the first Prince of Wales in history not to have a mistress?”

    HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
  2. “In wales, it’s brilliant. I go to the pub and see everybody who I went to school with.  And everybody goes, ‘So what are you doing now?’  And I go, ‘Oh, I’m doing a film with Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins.’  And they go, ‘Ooh, good.’  And that’s it.”

    Catherine Zeta-Jones
  3. “Weekends are about replenishment and rejuvenation. Time in Wales would definitely be part of ideal weekend, at my own hotel, set in 72 acres of absolute gorgeousness.  I can already feel the air working its magic, with the sea breeze drifting over us.”

    David Morrissey
  4. “In Wales, singing and storytelling are party skills, not professions.”

    Rhys Ifans
  5. “We can trace almost all the disasters of English history to the influence of Wales”

    Evelyn Waugh
  6. “Poor Wales. So far from heaven.  So close to England.” Sharon Kay Penman
  7. “A fig for partridges and quails, ye dainties I know nothing of ye; But on the highest mount in Wales would choose in peace to drink my coffee”

    Jonathan Swift
  8. “To be honest, I think that I am a bit of a singer, coming from Wales; being Welsh, we are all very proud of our singing heritage.”

    Ioan Gruffudd
  9. “Are you from Wales? Do you know a fella named Jonah?  He used to live in whales for a while.”

    Groucho Marx
  10. “I started singing because I come from Wales”

    Bryn Terfel