The Black Death Is Back. Could It Be a Good Thing?

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Bad news from a friend in France’s Indian Ocean possession of Reunion Island: the plague is back in neighboring Madagascar. To be fair, the plague has never really gone away in Madagascar, but it’s usually confined to the remote highland regions. This month, a man travelled to the country’s capital, Antananarivo, before developing severe respiratory problems. Diagnosing […]

October 15, 2017

Why do Medieval Churches Sink?


Come visit me! I live in a lovely Welsh village with an unpronounceable name: Abertridwr. I’ll take you on a drive over the mountains surrounding our beautiful Aber valley. At the parish church, St Ilan’s, curiously sited a couple of miles from the village, high on the mountain with stunning views across the Aber valley and […]

October 1, 2017